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From Robert Wille <>
Subject Unexplained query slowness
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2015 15:32:10 GMT
Our Cassandra database just rolled to live last night. I’m looking at our query performance,
and overall it is very good, but perhaps 1 in 10,000 queries takes several hundred milliseconds
(up to a full second). I’ve grepped for GC in the system.log on all nodes, and there aren’t
any recent GC events. I’m executing ~500 queries per second, which produces negligible load
and CPU utilization. I have very minimal writes (one every few minutes). The slow queries
are across the board. There isn’t one particular query that is slow.

I’m running 2.0.12 with SSD’s. I’ve got a 10 node cluster with RF=3.

I have no idea where to even begin to look. Any thoughts on where to start would be greatly


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