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From Jan <>
Subject Re: Help on modeling a table
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2015 15:47:54 GMT
HI Asit; 
The Partition key is only a part of the performance. Recommend reading this article:  Advanced
Time Series with Cassandra  
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Cassandra |
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hope this helpsJan/ 

     On Monday, February 2, 2015 8:33 AM, Asit KAUSHIK <>

 HI All
We are working on a application logging project and this is one of the search tables  as
below :

CREATE TABLE logentries (    logentrytimestamputcguid timeuuid PRIMARY KEY,    context
text,    date_to_hour bigint,    durationinseconds float,    eventtimestamputc timestamp, 
  ipaddress inet,    logentrytimestamputc timestamp,    loglevel int,    logmessagestring
text,    logsequence int,    message text,    modulename text,    productname text, 
  searchitems map<text, text>,    servername text,    sessionname text,    stacktrace
text,    threadname text,    timefinishutc timestamp,    timestartutc timestamp,   
urihostname text,    uripathvalue text,    uriquerystring text,    useragentstring text, 
  username text);
I have some queries on the design of this table :
1) Does a timeuuid is a good candidate for partition key  as we would be querying other fields
with stargate-core full text project
This table is actually be used for search like username like '*john' likewise and uing this
present model the performance is very slow .
Please advise

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