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From mck <>
Subject Re: Why no virtual nodes for Cassandra on EC2?
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2015 13:23:33 GMT

> … my understanding was that
> performance of Hadoop jobs on C* clusters with vnodes was poor because a
> given Hadoop input split has to run many individual scans (one for each
> vnode) rather than just a single scan.  I've run C* and Hadoop in
> production with a custom input format that used vnodes (and just combined
> multiple vnodes in a single input split) and didn't have any issues (the
> jobs had many other performance bottlenecks besides starting multiple
> scans from C*).

You've described the ticket, and how it has been solved :-)

> This is one of the videos where I recall an off-hand mention of the Spark
> connector working with vnodes:



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