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From Dan Kinder <>
Subject STCS limitation with JBOD?
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2015 19:17:45 GMT

Forcing a major compaction (using nodetool compact
with STCS will result in a single sstable (ignoring repair data). However
this seems like it could be a problem for large JBOD setups. For example if
I have 12 disks, 1T each, then it seems like on this node I cannot have one
column family store more than 1T worth of data (more or less), because all
the data will end up in a single sstable that can exist only on one disk.
Is this accurate? The compaction write path docs
give a bit of hope that cassandra could split the one final sstable across
the disks, but I doubt it is able to and want to confirm.

I imagine that RAID/LLVM, using LCS, or multiple cassandra instances not in
JBOD mode could be solutions to this (with their own problems), but want to
verify that this actually is a problem.


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