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From Alain RODRIGUEZ <>
Subject Fixtures / CI docker
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2015 10:26:36 GMT
Hi guys,

We currently use a CI with tests based on docker containers.

We have a C* service "dockerized". Yet we have an issue since we would like
2 things, hard to achieve:

- A fix data set to have predictable and determinist tests (that we can
repeat at any time with the same result)
- A recent data set to perform smoke testing on things services that need
"recent data" (max 1 week old data)

As our dataset is very big and data is not sorted by dates in SSTable, it
is hard to have a coherent extract of the production data. Does anyone of
you achieve to have something like this ?

For "static" data, we could write queries by hand but I find it more
relevant to have a real production extract. Regarding dynamic data we need
a process that we could repeat every day / week to update data and have
something light enough to keep fastness in containers start.

How do you guys do this kind of things ?

FWIW we are migrating to 2.0.11 very soon so solutions might use 2.0

Any idea is welcome and if you need more info, please ask.



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