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From SEGALIS Morgan <>
Subject Re: Cassandra row ordering best practice Modeling
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2015 19:23:00 GMT
Sorry, I copied/pasted the question from another platform where you don't
generally say hello,

So : Hello everyone,

2015-01-22 20:19 GMT+01:00 SEGALIS Morgan <>:

> I have a column family that store articles. I'll need to get those
> articles from the most recent to the oldest, getting them from Country, and
> of course the ability to limit the number of fetched articles.
> I though about another ColumnFamily "ArticlesByDateAndCountry" with
> dynamic columns
> The Key would a mix from the 2 Char country Code (ISO 3166-1), and the
> articles day's date so something like : US-20150118 or FR-20141230 --
> In those Row, the column name would be the timeuuid of the article, and
> the value is the article's ID.
> It would probably get a thousand of articles per day for each country.
> Let's say I want to show only 100 of the newer articles, I'll get the
> today's articles, and if it does not fill the request (too few articles),
> I'll check the day before that, etc...
> Is that the best practice, or does someone has a better idea for this
> purpose ?


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