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From Sotirios Delimanolis <>
Subject How do you apply (CQL) schema modification patches across a cluster?
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2015 01:46:12 GMT
Hey all,
Assuming a cluster with X > 1 application nodes backed by Y > 1 Cassandra nodes, how
do you best apply a schema modification? 

Typically, such a schema modification is going to be done in parallel with code changes (for
querying the table) so all application nodes have to be restarted. However, in our case we
can't (or don't want to) restart/turn off all application nodes at the same time. So do we
have to guarantee that the schema change will be backwards compatible? Which node should send
the schema change query? Should we just make all nodes send it and ignore failures?
It's unclear to me how data model schema changes are done in a clustered environment. What
are some good practices for handling this issue?


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