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From Eric Stevens <>
Subject Using Per-Table Keyspaces for Tunable Replication
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2014 17:21:42 GMT
We're considering moving to a model where we put each of our tables in a
dedicated keyspace.  This is so we can tune replication per table, and
change our mind about that replication on a per-table basis without a major
migration.  The biggest driver for this is Solr integration, we want to
tune RF into our Solr DC such that only tables which we want to search are
sent there (using NetworkTopologyStrategy with 'solr': 0 for tables which
are not searchable).

Has anyone else tried this, is there any reason we might not want to do
so?  Any hidden gotchas we should be concerned about?  Our total table
count is small, in the tens range; our searchable tables are maybe 4 or 5.

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