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From ziju feng <>
Subject Best practice for sorting on frequent updated column?
Date Sat, 27 Dec 2014 17:15:55 GMT
I need to sort data on a frequent updated column, such as like count of an
item. The common way of getting data sorted in Cassandra is to have the
column to be sorted on as clustering key. However, whenever such column is
updated, we need to delete the row of old value and insert the new one,
which not only can generate a lot of tombstones, but also require a
read-before-write if we don't know the original value (such as using
counter table to maintain the count and propagate it to the table that
needs to sort on the count).

I was wondering what is best practice for such use case? I'm currently
using DSE search to handle it but I would like to see a Cassandra only


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