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From Or Sher <>
Subject Replacing nodes disks
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2014 15:17:58 GMT
Hi all,

We have a situation where some of our nodes have smaller disks and we would
like to align all nodes by replacing the smaller disks to bigger ones
without replacing nodes.
We don't have enough space to put data on / disk and copy it back to the
bigger disks so we would like to rebuild the nodes data from other replicas.

What do you think should be the procedure here?

I'm guessing it should be something like this but I'm pretty sure it's not
1. shutdown C* node and server.
2. replace disks + create the same vg lv etc.
3. start C* (Normally?)
4. nodetool repair/rebuild?
*I think I might get some consistency issues for use cases relying on
Quorum reads and writes for strong consistency.
What do you say?

Another question is (and I know it depends on many factors but I'd like to
hear an experienced estimation): How much time would take to rebuild a 250G
data node?

Thanks in advance,

Or Sher

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