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From Ryan Svihla <>
Subject Re: simple data movement ?
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2014 12:00:09 GMT
I'm not sure that'll work with that many version moves in the middle,
upgrades are to my knowledge only tested between specific steps, namely
from 1.2.9 to the latest 2.0.x

Cassandra 2.0.x restrictions¶

After downloading DataStax Community <>,
upgrade to Cassandra directly from Cassandra 1.2.9 or later. Cassandra 2.0
is not network- or SSTable-compatible with versions older than 1.2.9. If
your version of Cassandra is earlier than 1.2.9 and you want to
perform a rolling
first upgrade the entire cluster to 1.2.9, and then to Cassandra 2.0.
Cassandra 2.1.x restrictions¶

Upgrade to Cassandra 2.1 from Cassandra 2.0.7 or later.

Cassandra 2.1 is not compatible with Cassandra 1.x SSTables. First upgrade
the nodes to Cassandra 2.0.7 or later, start the cluster, upgrade the
SSTables, stop the cluster, and then upgrade to Cassandra 2.1.

On Wed, Dec 17, 2014 at 10:55 PM, Ben Bromhead <> wrote:
> Just copy the data directory from each prod node to your test node (and
> relevant configuration files etc).
> If your IP addresses are different between test and prod, follow
> On 18 December 2014 at 09:10, Langston, Jim <>
> wrote:
>>  Hi all,
>>  I have set up a test environment with C* 2.1.2, wanting to test our
>> applications against it. I currently have C* 1.2.9 in production and want
>> to use that data for testing. What would be a good approach for simply
>> taking a copy of the production data and moving it into the test env and
>> having the test env C* use that data ?
>>  The test env. is identical is size, with the difference being the
>> versions
>> of C*.
>>  Thanks,
>>  Jim
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