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From 李洛 <>
Subject Question about `nodetool rebuild` finsh
Date Mon, 29 Dec 2014 03:00:32 GMT
Hi,every folks!
I had meet a problem about adding data center to the exsiting cluster where
rebuild it.
When I configured all the new data center, auto_bootstrap:false, seeds,
endpoint_snitch etc,I run _nodetool rebuild_, I can see there are high
network traffic on my new data center nodes and _nodetool netstats_ report
lots of Rebuild SSTable sending to my new nodes. But four days had gone,I
see the _nodetool rebuild_ process still run in background on my server and
_nodetool netstats_ still report lots of SSTable sending between two
datacenter, but there is few network traffic on my new data center nodes.
I want to konw _how could I konw when the rebuild finsh_.
Thanks all for your reply.

All the best!

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