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From Phil Wise <>
Subject Using Cassandra for session tokens
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2014 08:07:12 GMT
We're considering switching from using Redis to Cassandra to store
short lived (~1 hour) session tokens, in order to reduce the number of
data storage engines we have to manage.

Can anyone foresee any problems with the following approach:

1) Use the TTL functionality in Cassandra to remove old tokens.

2) Store the tokens in a table like:

	id uuid,
	username text,
	// (other session information)

3) Perform ~100 writes/sec like:

INSERT INTO tokens (id, username )
VALUES (468e0d69-1ebe-4477-8565-00a4cb6fa9f2, 'bob')

4) Perform ~1000 reads/sec like:

SELECT * FROM tokens
WHERE ID=468e0d69-1ebe-4477-8565-00a4cb6fa9f2 ;

The tokens will be about 100 bytes each, and we will grant 100 per
second on a small 3 node cluster. Therefore there will be about 360k
tokens alive at any time, with a total size of 36MB before database

My biggest worry at the moment is that this kind of workload will
stress compaction in an unusual way.  Are there any metrics I should
keep an eye on to make sure it is working fine?

I read over the following links, but they mostly talk about DELETE-ing
and tombstones. Am I right in thinking that as soon as a node performs
a compaction then the rows with an expired TTL will be thrown away,
regardless of gc_grace_seconds?

Thank you


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