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From Jabbar Azam <>
Subject Re: Storing time-series and geospatial data in C*
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2014 22:40:46 GMT
Here's a link flor the time series data

You'll also need to understand the composite key format

Mike Malone has done videos and slides on how they used an older version of
cassandra for storing geo

Or you can use elastic search for for working with geospatial information.

A word of warning though with elastic search. It does not provide simple
linear scalability like cassandra, nor is it easy to setup for cross
datacentre operation.

Datastax enterprise has Solr integrated so you could use that

Jabbar Azam

On Thu Nov 27 2014 at 12:39:59 PM Spico Florin <>

> Hello!
>   Can you please recommend me some new articles and case studies were
> Cassandra was used to store time-series and geo-spatial data? I'm
> particular interested in best practices, data models and retrieval
> techniques.
>  Thanks.
>  Regards,
>  Florin

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