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From Jimmy Lin <>
Subject read repair across DC and latency
Date Sun, 16 Nov 2014 23:13:28 GMT
I have a CF that use the default, read_repair_chance (0.1)  and

Our read and write is all local_quorum, on one of the 2 DC,  replication of

so a read will have 10% chance trigger a read repair to other DC.

I have read  that read repair suppose to be running as background, but does
the co-ordinator node need to wait for the response(along with other normal
read tasks) before return the entire result back to the caller?

how a high rate of read repair impact performance? I read something that it
will impact through put but not latency, how so?

is it safe to even just  make read_repair_chance = 0?
(since we are mostly talking to one DC, the other DC most of the time serve
as backup/emergency )

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