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From Adil <>
Subject Cassandra communication between 2 datacenter
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2014 18:26:34 GMT
we have two datacenter with those inof:

Cassandra version 2.1.0
DC1 with 5 nodes
DC2 with 5 nodes

we set the snitch to GossipingPropertyFileSnitch and in we put:
in DC1:

in DC2:

and in every node's cassandra.yaml we define two seeds of DC1 and two seed
of DC2.

we restart both DC, we create un keyspace with NetworkTopologyStrategy in
DC1 and we suspect that will be created also in DC2 but it's not the we create the same keyspace in DC2, we create a table in both DC,
we did un insert in DC1 but doing un select from the same table in DC2 we
found 0 rows.
so it seems that our clusters are not communicating between them.
doing a nodetool status overs each DC we see only the 5 nodes corresponding
to the current DC.

are we missed some configuration?

thanks in advance.

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