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From Clint Kelly <>
Subject What time range does nodetool cfhistograms use?
Date Sun, 16 Nov 2014 17:12:43 GMT
Hi all,

Over what time range does "nodetool cfhistograms" operate?

I am using Cassandra

I am trying to debug some very high 95th and 99th percentile read
latencies in an application that I'm working on.

I tried running nodetool cfhistograms to get a flavor for the
distribution of read latencies and also to see how many SSTables our
reads are using, and I saw different results yesterday versus this
morning, so I assume the time window is fairly tight (like an hour or
so).   I vaguely recall Aaron Morton talking about this during the
training course I took at Cassandra Summit, but I cannot find my notes
and I think the behavior of the tool with regard to time windows
changed from version to version.



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