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From Kevin Burton <>
Subject What causes NoHostAvailableException, WriteTimeoutException, and UnavailableException?
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2014 20:57:29 GMT
I’m trying to track down some exceptions in our production cluster.  I
bumped up our write load and now I’m getting a non-trivial number of these
exceptions.  Somewhere on the order of 100 per hour.

All machines have a somewhat high CPU load because they’re doing other
tasks.  I’m worried that perhaps my background tasks are just overloading
cassandra and one way to mitigate this is to nice them to least favorable
priority (this is my first tasks).

But I can’t seem to really track down any documentation on HOW to tune
cassandra to prevent these. I mean I get the core theory behind all of this
just need to track down the docs so I can actually RTFM :)


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