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From Jacob Rhoden <>
Subject Cassandra patterns/design for setting up a history/version/change log table?
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2014 22:29:51 GMT
Hi Guys,

Assuming you have, for example, an “account” table, and an “account_history” table
which simply tracks older versions of what a persons account looks like when an administrator
edits a customer account.

Given that we don’t have the luxury of a safe transaction to update the account record,
i.e. to do:

 - select account details
 - compare old account details with new account details
 - if there are changes to the account"
    - copy old account details to account_history table
    - update account

How do people deal with this in a multi data centre environment? The closest thing I can think
of is something like this on “save":

 - insert new record into account_history table
 - update record into account table"
 - every hour look for duplicate rows in account_history table and duplicate where someone
did a save that did not change any fields on the account table.

My biggest problem with the above, is, what happens if you want to bulk load a data file into
your account table, and it — for example — contains 1 million records, and only actually
changes 100 account entries. For bulk loading you could probably resort to doing a "select
before update” just to prevent 1 million pointless updates into the account_history table,
but that feels a bit yucky. Some sort of java stored procedure might help here, but surely
this is a common enough use case that we shouldn’t have to write custom java code for the
Cassandra right?


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