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From Jens-Uwe Mozdzen <>
Subject Re: Column family ID mismatch-Error on concurrent schema modifications
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2014 17:54:03 GMT
Hi Eric,

Zitat von Eric Stevens <>:
> Be careful with creating many dynamically created column families unless
> you're cleaning up old ones to keep the total number of CF's reasonable.
> Having many column families will increase memory pressure and reduce
> overall performance.

will "inactive" CFs be released from C*'s memory after i.e. a few days  
or when under resource pressure? We do intend to have quite some  
hundreds of tables, but with only 10% actively used (no reads nor  
writes) after some time.

These CFs are used as "time buckets", but are to be kept for speedy  
recovery. Of course, this design may be substituted by some external  
backup mechanism, but I'd like to keep that as "plan C" ;)

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