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From shahab <>
Subject Regarding Cassandra-Stress tool
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2014 10:04:11 GMT

I am trying to benchmark our custom schema in Cassandra and I managed to
run it. However there are couple of setting and issues which I couldn't
find any solution/explanation for. I appreciate any comments.
1- The default number of warm-up iterations in stress tool is about 50000.
I would like to reduce this number (due to my storage space limitations),
but I couldn't find any input parameters to do this. I just wonder if this
setting is possible ?

2- I did not understand well what does the output of cassandra stress tool
mean? I read  this,
but . for example, what does "latency" means here? does it mean how long a
read/write operation is delayed until it is executed? in this case, what is
the measure for actual read/write operation?
It seems that the documentation is outdated, there is an output parameter
"partition_rate" which is not explained in documentation?


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