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From Juho Mäkinen <>
Subject Question on how to run incremental repairs
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2014 12:39:20 GMT
I'm having problems understanding how incremental repairs are supposed to
be run.

If I try to do "nodetool repair -inc" cassandra will complain that "It is
not possible to mix sequential repair and incremental repairs". However it
seems that running "nodetool repair -inc -par" does the job, but I couldn't
be sure if  this is the correct (and only?) way to run incremental repairs?

Previously I ran repairs with "nodetool repair -pr" on each node at a time,
so that I could minimise the performance hit. I've understood that doing a
single "nodetool repair -inc -par" command runs it on all machines in the
entire cluster, so doesn't that cause a big performance penalty? Can I run
incremental repairs on one node at a time?

If running "nodetool repair -inc -par" every night in a single node is
fine, should I still spread them out so that each node takes a turn
executing this command each night?

Last question is a bit deeper: What I've understood is that incremental
repairs don't do repairs on SSTables which have already been repaired, but
doesn't this mean that these repaired SSTables can't be checked towards
missing or incorrect data?


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