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From Duncan Sands <>
Subject Re: 2.0.10 to 2.0.11 upgrade and immediate ParNew and CMS GC storm
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2014 09:23:49 GMT
Hi Peter, are you using the hsha RPC server type on this node?  If you are, then 
it looks like rpc_max_threads threads will be allocated on startup in 2.0.11 
while this wasn't the case before.  This can exhaust your heap if the value of 
rpc_max_threads is too large (eg if you use the default).

Ciao, Duncan.

On 29/10/14 01:08, Peter Haggerty wrote:
> On a 3 node test cluster we recently upgraded one node from 2.0.10 to
> 2.0.11. This is a cluster that had been happily running 2.0.10 for
> weeks and that has very little load and very capable hardware. The
> upgrade was just your typical package upgrade:
> $ dpkg -s cassandra | egrep '^Ver|^Main'
> Maintainer: Eric Evans <>
> Version: 2.0.11
> Immediately after started it ran a couple of ParNews and then started
> executing CMS runs. In 10 minutes the node had become unreachable and
> was marked as down by the two other nodes in the ring, which are still
> 2.0.10.
> We have jstack output and the server logs but nothing seems to be
> jumping out. Has anyone else run into this? What should we be looking
> for?
> Peter

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