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From Ram N <>
Subject C 2.1
Date Sat, 13 Sep 2014 22:49:34 GMT

I am pretty new to cassandra (with just 2 weeks of playing around with it
on and off) and planning a fresh deployment with 2.1 release. The
data-model is pretty simple for my use-case.  Questions I have in mind are

Is 2.1 a production ready release?
Driver selection?
    I played around with Hector, Astyanax and Java driver?
     I don't see much activity happening on Hector,
     For Astyanax - Love the Fluent style of writing code and abstractions,
recipes, pooling etc
     Datastax Java driver - I get too confused with CQL and the underlying
storage model. I am also not clear on the indexing structure of columns.
Does CQL indexes create a separate CF for the index table? How is it
different from maintaining inverted index? Internally both are the same?
Does cql stmt to create index, creates a separate CF and has an atomic way
of updating/managing them? Which one is better to scale? (something like
stargate-core or the ones done by usergrid? or the CQL approach?)

On a separate note just curious if I have 1000's of columns in a given row
and a fixed set of indexed column  (say 30 - 50 columns) which approach
should I be taking? Will cassandra scale with these many indexed column?
Are there any limits? How much of an impact do CQL indexes create on the
system? I am also not sure if these use cases are the right choice for
cassandra but would really appreciate any response on these. Thanks.


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