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From David M <>
Subject cassandra on own distributed network
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2014 00:49:33 GMT
Hi everyone

I am at a loss for locating use cases/examples/documentation/books/etc for
deploying Cassandra where multi-dc nodes of a single cluster are on your
own network at points around the world.
In my example a Cassandra dc equates to a building.

Of interest to me is how installations are inter-connecting their dcs
(circuit bandwidth, latency requirements) for optimal
replication/gossip/etc and any lessons learned they can share.

I know there isn't going to be a single config that applies to every
deployment/usage pattern/etc but surely there are at least loose rules of
thumb that will get me going (or maybe alternative deployments).

The interesting posts/blogs/books/etc seem to reference Cassandra in the
cloud (eg specifying AWS instance types) leaving out
descriptions/usage/requirements at the network layer.
If anyone knows of any information on this topic that I've missed I'd
appreciate your sharing.


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