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From Jan Algermissen <>
Subject Re: Concurrents deletes and updates
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2014 20:14:52 GMT

On 17 Sep 2014, at 20:55, Sávio S. Teles de Oliveira <> wrote:

> I'm using the Cassandra 2.0.9 with JAVA datastax driver.
> I'm running the tests in a cluster with 3 nodes, RF=3 and CL=ALL for each operation.
> I have a Column family filled with some keys (for example 'a' and 'b').
> When this keys are deleted and inserted hereafter, sporadically this keys disappear.

Could it be that the delete and insert have the same timestamp? Are you using batched queries
maybe? In my current project a team experienced similar behavior during automated tests

If you delete with T1 and insert with T1 the delete wins, which was the reason in our case.

You might want to test this with client provided timestamps and make sure the insert has a
T_insert > T_delete


> Is it a bug on Cassandra or on Datastax driver?
> Any suggestions?
> Tks

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