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From James Briggs <>
Subject Announce: top for Cassandra - cass_top
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2014 02:26:42 GMT
I wrote cass_top, a poor man's version of OpsCenter, in bash (no dependencies.)

Actually, if it had node or cluster restart, it would do most of what the OpsCenter free version
does. :)

The features of cass_top are:

- colorizes nodetool status output: UN nodes green, DN nodes red, other statuses blue
- no extra firewall holes needed (agent-less and server-less), unlike OpsCenter
- fast initial startup time (under 2 seconds), unlike OpsCenter
- uses bash, so no programming environment needed - run it anywhere nodetool works
- uses minimal screen real estate, so several rings can fit on one monitor
- free (Apache 2).

Please send me your comments and suggestions. The top-like infinite loop is
actually a read loop, so adding a few more features like cfstats or flush would be easy.

Enjoy, James Briggs. 
Cassandra/MySQL DBA. Available in San Jose area or remote. 
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