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From James Briggs <>
Subject Re: Blocking while a node finishes joining the cluster after restart.
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2014 20:39:57 GMT
Hi Robert.

I just did a test (shutdown all nodes, start one non-seed node.)

You're correct that an old non-seed node can start by itself.

So startup scripts don't have to be intelligent, but apps need to wait

until there's enough nodes up to serve the whole keyspace:

cqlsh:my_keyspace> consistency
Current consistency level is ONE.

cqlsh:my_keyspace> select * from numbers where v=1;


(1 rows)

cqlsh:my_keyspace> select * from numbers where v=2;
Unable to complete request: one or more nodes were unavailable.

Thanks, James. 
Cassandra/MySQL DBA. Available in San Jose area or remote. 

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