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From Fabrice Larcher <>
Subject Secondary indexes not working properly since 2.1.0-rc2 ?
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2014 12:48:57 GMT

I have used C* 2.1.0-rc1, 2.1.0-rc2, 2.1.0-rc3 and I currently use
2.1.0-rc5. Since 2.1.0-rc2, it appears that the secondary indexes are not
always working. Just after the INSERT of a row, the index seems to be
there. But after a while (I do not know when or why), SELECT statements
based on any secondary index do not return the corresponding row(s)
anymore. I noticed that a restart of C* may have an impact (the data
inserted before the restart may be seen through the index, even if it was
not returned before the restart).

Here is a use-case example (in order to clarify my request) :

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS ( k int PRIMARY KEY, ind ascii, value
INSERT INTO (k, ind, value) VALUES (1, 'toto', 'Hello');
SELECT * FROM WHERE ind = 'toto'; // Returns no result after a while

The last SELECT statement may or may not return a row depending on the
instant of the request. I experienced that with 2.1.0-rc5 through CQLSH
with clusters of one and two nodes. Since it depends on the instant of the
request, I am not able to deliver any way to reproduce that systematically
(It appears to be linked with some scheduled job inside C*).

Is anyone working on this issue ?
Am I possibly missing some configuration that prevent secondary indexes to
return empty result ?
Should I rather create a new table for each secondary index and remove
secondary indexes ?

Many thanks for your support.


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