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From Demeyer Jonathan <>
Subject Cassandra schema disagreement
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2014 09:03:06 GMT

I have a cluster running and I'm trying to change the schema on it. Altough it succeeds on
one cluster (a test one), on another it keeps creating two separate schema versions (both
are 2 DC configuration; the cluster where it goes wrong end up with a schema version on each

I use apache-cassandra11-1.1.12 on CentOS 6.4

I'm trying to start from a fresh cassandra config (doing " rm -rf /var/lib/cassandra/{commitlog,data}/*
" while cassandra is stopped).

Each DC are on separate IP segment but there are no firewall between them.

Here is the output of the command when the desynchronisation occurs:
[root@cassandranode00 CDN]# cassandra-cli -f
Connected to: "TTF Cluster v20131111_1257" on
Waiting for schema agreement...
... schemas agree across the cluster
Authenticated to keyspace: ks1
Waiting for schema agreement...
The schema has not settled in 10 seconds; further migrations are ill-advised until it does.
Versions are f179fd8e-f8ca-36cf-bf53-d8341fd6006e:[,,],
e9656b30-b671-3fce-9fb4-bdd3e6da36d1:[1          ,,]

I also try creating a keyspace with a column family using the opscenter (with no good result).

I'm out of hint to where to look. Do you have some suggestions ?

Is there improvements on this side with cassandra > 1.1.12 ?

Jonathan DEMEYER
Here is the start of :
CREATE KEYSPACE ks1 WITH placement_strategy = 'NetworkTopologyStrategy' AND strategy_options={DC1:3,DC2:3};
use ks1;
create column family id
with comparator = 'UTF8Type'
and key_validation_class = 'UTF8Type'
and column_metadata = [
column_name : 'user',
validation_class : UTF8Type
CREATE KEYSPACE ks2 WITH placement_strategy = 'NetworkTopologyStrategy' AND strategy_options={DC1:3,DC2:3};
use ks2;
create column family id;

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