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From Erik Forsberg <>
Subject Running sstableloader from live Cassandra server
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2014 09:40:04 GMT

I'm looking into moving some data from one Cassandra cluster to another,
both of them running Cassandra 1.2.13 (or maybe some later 1.2 version
if that helps me avoid some fatal bug). Sstableloader will probably be
the right thing for me, and given the size of my tables, I will want to
run the sstableloader on the source cluster, but at the same time, that
source cluster needs to keep running to serve data to clients.

If I understand the docs right, this means I will have to:

1. Bring up a new network interface on each of my source nodes. No
problem, I have an IPv6 /64 to choose from :-)

2. Put a cassandra.yaml in the classpath of the sstableloader that
differs from the one in /etc/cassandra/conf, i.e. the one used by the
source cluster's cassandra, with the following:

* listen_address set to my new interface.
* rpc_address set to my new interface.
* rpc_port set as on the destination cluster (i.e. 9160)
* cluster_name set as on the destination cluster.
* storage_port as on the destination cluster (i.e. 7000)

Given the above I should be able to run sstableloader on the nodes of my
source cluster, even with source cluster cassandra daemon running.

Am I right, or did I miss anything?


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