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From tsi <>
Subject Re: Replacing a dead node in Cassandra 2.0.8
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2014 08:11:05 GMT
I read some additional threads concerning outdated snapshots and deleted data
so if the VM snapshot is older than  gc_grace_seconds I suppose that data
deleted meanwhile for which the tombstones have been removed would come back
to life again if I just restore the VM from a snapshot being older than
So after restoring the VM snapshot I should make sure Cassandra doesn’t
start up automatically with the outdated snapshot data.
Then I could 

1)either startup the node with the replace_address option (do I still need
to clear data directories first to avoid that deleted data comes back to
life again?)

2) restore a Cassandra snapshot being not older than gc_grace_seconds by
physically replacing SSTables in the data directory (did I get it right that
the node must be up for running StorageService or sstableloader?)  and run
nodetool repair afterwards.

Is this correct? 

tsi wrote
> OK, now supposing Cassandra is run in a VM that crashes and I restore it
> from a snapshot done some time ago. Data is stored redundantly
> (replication factor 3) and I'm using consistency level QUORUM for reads
> and writes. That means no data should be lost as the latest data will at
> least be stored on another node. Now what do I have to do to sync the
> "dead node" again after restoring the VM from the snapshot? Will a
> nodetool repair command be sufficient?

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