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From "Jens Rantil" <>
Subject Question about incremental backup
Date Sat, 23 Aug 2014 15:06:05 GMT

I am setting backup and restoration tooling for a Cassandra cluster and have a specific question
regarding incremental backup.

Let’s say I’m running incremental backups and take a snapshot. At the exact(ish) same
time as my snapshot it taken another incremental *.db file is hard linked into the backups
directory. My question is, how do I know which snapshot my incremental file belongs to?

If it was made half a second _before_ my snapshot, it belongs to the previous snapshot. If
it was made half a second after my snapshot, I guess it belongs to my latest snapshot. Or,
is this not an issue since I can always include the uncertain incremental file when restoring
(since timestamps are always included with every column value)?


Jens Rantil
Backend engineer
Tink AB

Phone: +46 708 84 18 32

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