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From Tony Anecito <>
Subject Re: Latest 2.1 and Datastax driver questions...
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2014 02:14:18 GMT
Ok I was wondering if 2.0.9 install reuses the old tables. I am also wondering if Cassandra
2.0.9 is installed without any other Cassandra install present if the installed Cassandra
will work. I always reload everything by scripts so I did that but wondering if I need to
do what I mentioned above and not have any Cassandra present when I do an install.

In regards to usage of Cassandra I am taking a 2 step approach. One just try with one or two
tables and get that to work then denormalize and test. I  have avoided doing anything bigger
till I get a version 2.0.x that seems stable. I usually wait 6 months till I upgrade but have
waited longer for 2.0.x since it I treated it as a major change.

I have maybe 100 tables in SQL Server and 2 in Cassandra right now to see how stable it is
and measure performance against SQL Server. I am planning to move completely to Cassandra
after 2.0.x has been out awhile and 2.1 when it was 2.1.2 but sounds like should wait til

So thanks for the help.

On , Tony Anecito <> wrote:

Thanks for the suggestions. I am planning to wait till 2.1 is released and for one or two
minor releases that is why I have been on 1.2.5.

When I installed 2.0.9 I created everything via java scripts so as to avoid any issues and
it does not use anything from the older one. Does Cassandra install do something with an older
version I should be aware of? I will look at your link.


On Wednesday, August 20, 2014 4:10 PM, Robert Coli <> wrote:

On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 1:44 PM, Tony Anecito <> wrote:

When will Cassandra 2.1 be released as GA?
>Will there be a datastax CQL driver available then?
>Will Cassandra 2.1 and Datastax CQL driver support nested selects? If not for a combination
key table and detailed table (Star Schema) what is the fastest way to query without using
heavy de-normalization?

The form of your questions suggests you are planning to use a not-ready-for production version
of Cassandra inappropriately.  Probably don't do that.

In general the answer to complex query questions in Cassandra is "heavy de-normalization",
if you have a problem that you need to solve without "heavy de-normalization" then perhaps
Cassandra is not for you.

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