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From Robert Stupp <>
Subject Re: Which way to Cassandraville?
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2014 20:11:32 GMT
Let me respond with another question: How important is SQL for a JPA developer?

Mappers eliminate the boring and error-prone stuff like "execute SELECT", "read fields", "call
setters" etc. They can automatically perform conversions, apply optimizations, etc etc etc.
Mappers do not remove the need of a developer to think about that what (s)he's coding.
IMO mappers help and make life easier. Period.

Means: you should always know what the "thing" does to read/write your data. Practically not
down to the details - but the concepts and pitfalls should be known.
If you don't you will get into trouble - sooner or later.


PS: I avoid the abbreviation ORM - it includes the term "relational" ;)

Am 22.07.2014 um 22:00 schrieb jcllings <>:

> OK to clarify, I don't mean as an Administrator but an application developer.  If you
use an ORM how important is CQL3?  The object being to eliminate any *QL from Java code. 
> Perhaps this technology isn't as mature as I thought. 
> Jim C.
> On 07/22/2014 12:42 PM, DuyHai Doan wrote:
>> "What kinds of things would it be good to know for an interview?"
>>  The underlying storage engine and how CQL3 maps to it. It's more than important,
it's crucial. Knowing what you do and what you can't with CQL3 is not sufficient.
>> On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 9:20 PM, jcllings <> wrote:
>> So It seems that:
>> 1. There are indeed a few (3-4) mapping schemes.
>> 2. CQL isn't very hard and represents a subset of  (ANSI?) SQ92.
>> Both of these are validated based on further research and list guidance.
>> It appears that learning Cassandra from an application developers
>> perspective essentially means learning what you can't do at all and
>> learning what you can't do directly that you could do with an RDMBS.
>> This and keys and maybe a thing or two about replication strategies and
>> you should be good to go.  Does this seem accurate?
>> What kinds of things would it be good to know for an interview?
>> Jim C.

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