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From Keith Wright <>
Subject Hot, large row
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2014 18:48:27 GMT
Hi all,

   We are seeing an issue where basically daily one of our nodes spikes in load and is churning
in CMS heap pressure.  It appears that reads are backing up and my guess is that our application
is reading a large row repeatedly.  Our write structure can lead itself to wide rows very
infrequently (<0.001%) and we do our best to detect and delete them but obviously we’re
missing a case.  Hoping for assistance on the following questions:

 *   How can I detect wide rows?
 *   Anyone know what debug level I can set so that I can see what reads the hot node is handling?
 I’m hoping to see the “bad” row
 *   Any way to get the server to blacklist these wide rows automatically?

We’re using C* 2.0.6 with Vnodes.


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