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From Tupshin Harper <>
Subject Re: New application - separate column family or separate cluster?
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2014 03:13:12 GMT
I've seen a lot of deployments, and I think you captured the scenarios and
reasoning quite well. You can apply other nuances and details to #2 (e.g.
segment based on SLA or topology), but I agree with all of your reasoning.

-Global Field Strategy
On Jul 8, 2014 10:54 AM, "Jeremy Jongsma" <> wrote:

> Do you prefer purpose-specific Cassandra clusters that support a single
> application's data set, or a single Cassandra cluster that contains column
> families for many applications? I realize there is no ideal answer for
> every situation, but what have your experiences been in this area for
> cluster planning?
> My reason for asking is that we have one application with high data volume
> (multiple TB, thousands of writes/sec) that caused us to adopt Cassandra in
> the first place. Now we have the tools and cluster management
> infrastructure built up to the point where it is not a major investment to
> store smaller sets of data for other applications in C* also, and I am
> debating whether to:
> 1) Store everything in one large cluster (no isolation, low cost)
> 2) Use one cluster for the high-volume data, and one for everything else
> (good isolation, medium cost)
> 3) Give every major service its own cluster, even if they have small
> amounts of data (best isolation, highest cost)
> I suspect #2 is the way to go as far as balancing hosting costs and
> application performance isolation. Any pros or cons am I missing?
> -j

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