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From Wim Deblauwe <>
Subject Primary key question
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2014 06:37:45 GMT

I have the following table:

CREATE TABLE integration_time (
message_source_id uuid,
traffic_data_type varchar,
integration_period varchar,
integration_time timestamp,
PRIMARY KEY ((message_source_id,traffic_data_type,integration_period))

I want the combination of (message_source_id, traffic_data_type,
integration_period) to be unique. Is this the correct way to do it (with
the double brackets) ?

This table will be relative small, it just stores the last time something
was done in the application for that unique combination of those 3
parameters. Worst case there will be 30000 rows in that table and they will
always be fetched by quering on the 3 parameters at the same time.



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