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From Redmumba <>
Subject Tweaking SizeTieredCompactionStrategy for heavy writes (47K files created)
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2014 18:14:45 GMT
I have a very write heavy workload, and noticed that the default settings
for min_ and max_compaction_threshold resulted in around 47k files in my
table directory.  In general, files were fairly small (ranging in the
single digits of megabytes to gigabytes).

What is the best way to tweak these values?  If I have heavy writes, I
would imagine that setting the thresholds to higher values should reduce
the amount of files created.  Is this correct?  I.e., would setting
min_compaction_threshold from 4 to 512 and max_compaction_threshold from 32
to 1024 yield an improvement?  At what cost?

Additonally, are there any other values that would help reduce the number
of files being created?



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