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From Jason Tang <>
Subject Any better solution to avoid TombstoneOverwhelmingException?
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2014 06:43:34 GMT
Our application will use Cassandra to persistent for asynchronous tasks, so
in one time period, lots of records will be created in Cassandra (more then
10M). Later it will be executed.

Due to disk space limitation, the executed records will be deleted.
After gc_grace_seconds, it is expected to be auto removed from the disk.

So for the next round of execution, the deleted records, should not be
queried out.

In this traffic, it will be generated lots of tombstones.

To avoid TombstoneOverwhelmingException, One way is to larger
tombstone_failure_threshold, but is there any impact for the system's
performance on my traffic model, or is there any better solution for this


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