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From Kevin Burton <>
Subject Data model for streaming a large table in real time.
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2014 22:27:13 GMT
We have the requirement to have clients read from our tables while they're
being written.

Basically, any write that we make to cassandra needs to be sent out over
the Internet to our customers.

We also need them to resume so if they go offline, they can just pick up
where they left off.

They need to do this in parallel, so if we have 20 cassandra nodes, they
can have 20 readers each efficiently (and without coordination) reading
from our tables.

Here's how we're planning on doing it.

We're going to use the ByteOrderedPartitioner .

I'm writing with a primary key of the timestamp, however, in practice, this
would yield hotspots.

(I'm also aware that time isn't a very good pk in a distribute system as I
can easily have a collision so we're going to use a scheme similar to a
uuid to make it unique per writer).

One node would take all the load, followed by the next node, etc.

So my plan to stop this is to prefix a slice ID to the timestamp.  This way
each piece of content has a unique ID, but the prefix will place it on a

The slide ID is just a byte… so this means there are 255 buckets in which I
can place data.

This means I can have clients each start with a slice, and a timestamp, and
page through the data with tokens.

This way I can have a client reading with 255 threads from 255 regions in
the cluster, in parallel, without any hot spots.

Thoughts on this strategy?


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