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From David Mitchell <>
Subject Weird timeout errors
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2014 17:29:59 GMT

I am hitting a behavior which looks like a bug to me and I’m not sure how to work around
it. If I insert rows with a given key like so:
    for c in range(count):
        session.execute("""insert into raw_data (key,column1,value) values (%s,%s,%s)""",

and then delete them like so:
    session.execute("""delete from raw_data where key = %s""",(path,))

and then try to select from that key like so:
    rows = session.execute("""select * from raw_data where key = %s limit 5""",(path,))

This works fine for small values of count, say 1000 or so. If I do this with 500,000 rows
I end up in a state where any attempt to query the key results in a timeout error from Cassandra.
The only way I seem to be able to clear it up is to completely stop and start the Cassandra
server. I’m running version 2.0.7 and I don’t think this was happening under 2.0.1. Is
this a known bug? Any ideas what might be causing this? Thanks in advance,

-David Mitchell

David Mitchell, Network Engineer
Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL)  Phone:(510) 936-0720

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