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From Phil Luckhurst <>
Subject Re: RPC timeout paging secondary index query results
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2014 16:18:41 GMT
The problem appears to be directly related to number of entries in the index.
I started with an empty table and added 50,000 entries at a time with the
same indexed value. I was able to page through the results of a query that
used the secondary index with 250,000 records in the table using a LIMIT
50000 clause. When I added another 50,000 to take it up to 300,000 entries I
started getting the RPC timeout and could not page past the first 10,000
records even if I dropped the LIMIT to 10 records at a time.

I then changed the test slightly and added two batches of 100,000 records
with two different indexed values. With 200,000 records in total I could
query all 100,000 records for one of the indexed values with a single query
with LIMIT 100000. However, as soon as I added a third batch of 100,000
records with a different indexed value the queries again started to timeout
so that I couldn't page through the results even with a smaller LIMIT size.

It appears that in our configuration a secondary index can start to fail
when it reaches approx 300,000 entries. I'll open a JIRA.

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