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From Jacob Rhoden <>
Subject Re: Anyone using Astyanax in production besides Netflix itself?
Date Thu, 29 May 2014 22:15:03 GMT
Not long ago a vote was organised to get the developers to agree to stop work on the thrift
API. New Cassandra features from this point are intended only for CQL. You probably want to
make the effort to switch to CQL now rather than later.

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> On 30 May 2014, at 6:12 am, user 01 <> wrote:
> What version of Astyanax(thrift based impl. or beta Java driver one?) are you using ?
> With what cassandra version ?
> Would you still recommend Astyanax at this point when DS Java Driver is out? 
> My intentions are to use Astyanax over thrift based impl for now, & later switch
to Astyanax over Java driver(when it gets stable) rather than java driver directly, as I have
now got more used to thrift & Astyanax can help me write my queries programatically instead
of CQL statements, & take care of preparing queries or sanitizing them, etc. So Would
you still recommend Astyanax ?

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