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From William Oberman <>
Subject alternative vnode upgrade strategy?
Date Wed, 28 May 2014 18:18:32 GMT
I'm concerned about the bad reports of using shuffle to do a vnode upgrade
(and I did a "smoke test" trying shuffle a test cluster, and had out of
disk space issues).

I then started to plan out the "dual DC" upgrade path, but I wonder if this
option is easier:

Starting point: N node cluster, no vnodes.

1.) Upgrade all N nodes to vnodes in place
2.) Boot N new nodes and let them bootstrap
3.) Decommission the N old nodes


1.) Upgrade all N nodes to vnodes in place
Start loop
2.) Boot a new node and let it bootstrap
3.) Decommission an old node
End loop

The only problem I can think of is unlike dual DC, there is no easy
rollback strategy.  Though, at this point, vnodes have been in the wild for
quite some time, and I kind of want/need to move over to vnodes, so it's
"vnodes or bust" so to speak :-)

Am I missing a terrible "gotcha" (other than the rollback issue)?  I did a
smoke test of the 2nd scenario (one node in/out at a time) and didn't see
any issues....


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