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From Kevin Burton <>
Subject Re: Best partition type for Cassandra with JBOD
Date Fri, 16 May 2014 17:55:03 GMT
That and nobarrier… and probably noop for the scheduler if using SSD and
setting readahead to zero...

On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 10:29 AM, James Campbell <> wrote:

>  Hi all—
> What partition type is best/most commonly used for a multi-disk JBOD setup
> running Cassandra on CentOS 64bit?
> The datastax production server guidelines recommend XFS for data
> partitions, saying, “Because Cassandra can use almost half your disk space
> for a single file, use XFS when using large disks, particularly if using a
> 32-bit kernel. XFS file size limits are 16TB max on a 32-bit kernel, and
> essentially unlimited on 64-bit.”
> However, the same document also notes that “Maximum recommended capacity
> for Cassandra 1.2 and later is 3 to 5TB per node,” which makes me think
> >16TB file sizes would be irrelevant (especially when not using RAID to
> create a single large volume).  What has been the experience of this group?
> I also noted that the guidelines don’t mention setting noatime and
> nodiratime flags in the fstab for data volumes, but I wonder if that’s a
> common practice.
> James


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