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From Localhost shell <>
Subject Fwd: Cassandra pre 2.1 vs 2.1 counter implementation
Date Wed, 21 May 2014 20:15:14 GMT
Hey All,

I am new to C* community.

We are planning to use Datastax C* (pre 2.1) in production. We heavily use
counters and it is mostly what we do apart from storing the few months raw
logs in C*.

I have gone through the excellent Sylvain Lesbresne ppt
the design doc<>
the pre 2.1 counter implementation in detail. Unfortunately the video is
not available.


1. I know from that
Counters design has changed in 2.1 but not able to get hold of the deign
doc. Can someone plz share the design docs?

    Also according to the 6504 issue and C* codebase CounterMutation.apply(),
C* 2.1 has introduced locks that were not existent before.

How does it impact the write performance of counter as compared to pre 2.1
no lock partition counter implementation?

2.  What were the major concerns (other than idempotency and overcount due
to timeout exceptions) in the pre 2.1 counters architecture that led to a
rewrite of counters implementation?

Thanks for the help.


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