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From Colin Taylor <>
Subject [ANN] ccm-clj - test Cassandra clusters via Clojure
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2014 23:04:58 GMT
Hi, we have released ccm-clj ( a Clojure
interface to ccm ( designed specifically for
the creation of arbitrary clusters in Clojure integration tests.

(if (not (ccm/cluster? "testcluster"))
    (ccm/new! "testcluster" cass-version num-nodes cql-port)
    (ccm/cql! (io/file "./test/resources/test-keyspace.cql"))
    (ccm/cql! (io/resource "schema/test-schema.cql") "testkeyspace")
    (ccm/cql! (io/file "./test/resources/test-data.cql") "testkeyspace"))
    (ccm/switch! "testcluster")
    (ccm/start! "testcluster")))
(ccm/remove! "testcluster")

Colin Taylor

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