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From tommaso barbugli <>
Subject Re: clearing tombstones?
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2014 14:10:43 GMT
compaction should take care of it; for me it never worked so I run nodetool
compaction on every node; that does it.

2014-04-11 16:05 GMT+02:00 William Oberman <>:

> I'm wondering what will clear tombstoned rows?  nodetool cleanup, nodetool
> repair, or time (as in just wait)?
> I had a CF that was more or less storing session information.  After some
> time, we decided that one piece of this information was pointless to track
> (and was 90%+ of the columns, and in 99% of those cases was ALL columns for
> a row).   I wrote a process to remove all of those columns (which again in
> a vast majority of cases had the effect of removing the whole row).
> This CF had ~1 billion rows, so I expect to be left with ~100m rows.
>  After I did this mass delete, everything was the same size on disk (which
> I expected, knowing how tombstoning works).  It wasn't 100% clear to me
> what to poke to cause compactions to clear the tombstones.  First I tried
> nodetool cleanup on a candidate node.  But, afterwards the disk usage was
> the same.  Then I tried nodetool repair on that same node.  But again, disk
> usage is still the same.  The CF has no snapshots.
> So, am I misunderstanding something?  Is there another operation to try?
>  Do I have to "just wait"?  I've only done cleanup/repair on one node.  Do
> I have to run one or the other over all nodes to clear tombstones?
> Cassandra 1.2.15 if it matters,
> Thanks!
> will

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