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From Paulo Ricardo Motta Gomes <>
Subject Is a hint stored when a mutation is dropped?
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2014 22:51:13 GMT
The official docs say that dropped mutations are only fixed by Read Repair
and Anti-entropy (
However, in this thread (
Aaron Morton says that Hinted Handoff also repairs dropped mutations, but I
couldn't find more info on that. Is this still the behavior on 1.2+?

To illustrate:

If I write with RF=2, CL=ONE: one mutation is accepted, the write returns
and the other mutation is dropped. Does the coordinator store a hint of the
dropped replica? Even without running repair, will I be able to read that
write from the dropped replica in 30 minutes?


*Paulo Motta*

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+55 48 3232.3200

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